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Episode 1.1- Discovery of an Enchanted Island

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Chaper 1.1: First Discovery

The year is 1750. A large passenger and cargo ship left for New York City, from the seaport at Dublin, Ireland.
So far it was smooth sailing for the Queensferry.
But one day a huge tropical storm swallowed the ship in its wrath.
Trying to head back on course, the Queensferry soon was heading south toward an enchanted island. The island had many wonders and magics buried deep in it's core. Ones that man couldn't explain. An urban legend that goes around says that this island was once home to a tribe of dragons.
One of which his name was Breal
The other, named Jadja.
One day, the Goldstone Volcano erupted. And killed their overlord. He is said to be somewhere underneath some of the rubble leftover from the eruption.
Volcano_eruption.jpg After that, the dragons were killed from starvation, due to the loss of vegetation. Now, 5000 years later, the Queensferry discovers this magical island.
The ship docked, and the residents began setting up a small village. Hopefully, which is temporary. Village-1.jpg
That is all for now. Post your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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