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Omaha City

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Transportation System: Past

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Transportation System: Past

City area has transportation systems that service the 5.5 Million people in Omaha City and Council Bluffs. These two systems both include vast and intricate rail systems, and bus systems that are both rapid and local. Although there are areas serviced by rapid bus transit, there are alot more areas that are only seviced by rail rapid transit.

The Transportation Network in Omaha City is called the Omaha ONE> .


It operates around the clock and offers service virtually everywhere within the city. The system is a combined bus and rail service and it has a weekday daily ridership of just over 2.1 Million.



The System operates 16 Rail and Subway lines of which serve 83 stations throughout the city. All stations have local bus stations or stops and some even have rapid bus terminals. Most of the tracks are dual track, but most lines remain under deisel powered rail. With the new LFTR(Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) Power facility now open in Plattsmouth(south of Omaha City)... the city has taken up the inniciative to convert all major lines(10 out of the 16) into Overhead Electric Powered trains. This will make rail travel between Cities in Eastren Nebraska possible, and affordable.

The Transportation Network in Council Bluffs is called the Council >GO> Transit


This Transit system is slightly dated but none the less opperates under a very similar structure and layout as the Omaha ONE. Daily ridership is estemated at over 1.6 Million which is a higher percentage of people that use public transit than that of Omaha City. The system opperates 12 lines and along these lines are 53 stations. Unlike the Omaha ONE, the Council >GO> only contains one line that is Overhead Electric, but all lines but the Yellow and Beige lines are dual track rail. This system does contain rail tunnels but nothing significant enough to call "Subway".


A dusk picture of Coucils busiest station - Bel City Junction Station.


Anddddddddddd..... what you have all been waiting for and wondering what the hell I am talking about...

Full Size Image LINK-HERE->> dl.dropbox.com/u/9042880/Omaha%20%26%20Council%20Bluffs%20GO%20Train%20Map.bmp


And yes give me a break... all my maps are a Work In Progress... This means there may be floating stuff, unexplained lines, and things that dont make much sence. Have some faith and use you imaginations!!!




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