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Update 9: Kentscroft

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Shyguy- Thank You :) Expect more jerseys every update, including this one :D I have 42 Clubs and probably between 15-25 counties so upto 67 Jerseys :D While yes it was the name of the city, it is in this case supposed to be the name of the club, thats why its actually dark blue rather than black, thats why I did the Blue seats and put the club logo bottom left too :)  Ty, I have alot of JBsimio and Spa's stuff.

Schulmanator- Thank you, I know you are in high standing in the CJ community so this means alot from you, not that it doesn't from anyone :)

Everyone seems to love that dragstrip, strange that its like "Old Fashioned Rock and Roll," barely made the album and was just used for filler :P

Now to tonights update,



Kentscroft is famous for numerous things, first is it's famed marina on the North.
This would be the home of any future sailing events in any simlympic bid, Kentscroft is somewhat of a wealthy play thing.

second most famous part of the Kentscroftish Culture is The Soccer/Football Club,


Kentscroft plays in League 2 this season but the reserve squad is part of the league (that is , the reserve league) as Kentscroft has historically played in the Cup League.

And the third of this list is the Kentscroft Brewery, brewer of Stoneish Ale, Kentscroft Light and a few other lagers aswell.

Currently another speciality that belongs to Kentcroft and only Kentcroft is the only Hard Rock Cafe in the Stone Republic

No Region Shot but an all city shot will work right?

Next Time: UPDATE 10! Clarkswillow, the most opposite a place can get from another in the SR, Clarkswillow is a typical Pacific NW climate in the NW of the nation but has more of a feel of a Nova Scotian town.

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