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The build-up

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Retep Molinari


The build-up

But before you can get to the post, you have to listen to this music while reading. Makes it all much more enjoyable.

Bordav was in bad shape after the oil disaster. Not only were its oil reserves in short supply, but the spill destroyed the entire ecosystem of the eastern side of Syldav Island, killing off the seaborne food source Bordav depended on.

Bordav has always been a militaristic nation. With north enough resources within its own territory, Bordav's leaders are gathering to decide how to address the biggest crisis in the nation's history'

Needing fuel and food, Bordav began taking steps. But what were they all leading to?

For full resolution on all pics: Right click image + "View image." Very worth it!!

Where was this freeway, located to the north of Shozhod, leading to? Expansion began in June and lasted all summer.


There were no known plans for housing developments or a new industrial region, as far as the governments in Syldav and Balboa knew.


What could they be building?


Oh no....


In Sponztav, reports of  military activity are up. Here, a pair of tanks are positioned outside of City Hall.


And another pair, these located near a church.


A vocational school for deviant boys has been converted into a military school. Its students are forced by the state to attend and train.... but for what?


A large military encampment near the Syldav border.


July 15, 1985, 2:57 am.

"Red alert! There is an attack on the Peotav/Balboan border in Hoptav. Bordav aircraft have been identified nearby."


To be continued...

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TowerDude: The song came on Pandora while I was making the entry, and I thought "This is prefect!" I think I played it 5 times. I am glad you enjoyed the entry!

JGellock: I knew that you were waiting for this! I hope it lived up to expectations!

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