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Galesfe City 3: Faevza Interchange Reconstruction

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Lyhoko Leaci



Nick.pngNick: For some reason, we're in Faevza this time instead of Lesirta, on the other side of the city.

Nikki.pngNikki: And this is the interchange between the M-11 loop and the part of M-11 that heads though the city.

Misa.pngMisa: And it's out of date.

Nick.pngNick: Huh?

Nikki.pngNikki: Who are you?

Misa.pngMisa: I'm Misa Antacar, but that's not the point. This interchange is going boom.

Nikki.pngNikki: What? How?

Misa.pngMisa: Like this.



Misa.pngMisa: Hmm... Lets call in the heavy firepower.

Nick.pngNick: Heavy?

Misa.pngMisa: An Ancaron planetary assault ship should do nicely, don't you think?

Nikki.pngNikki: Eh?



Misa.pngMisa: Hah! Eat plasma!

Nikki.pngNikki: *cough* *cough*

Koða: Stop! You're making it all dusty and smoky!

Misa.pngMisa: Huh? Now who are you supposed to be?

Koða: Someone who actually knows how to destroy things.

Misa.pngMisa: Okay?

Koða: Observe.




Koða: There, all done.

Misa.pngMisa: ...

Nikki.pngNikki: ...

Nick.pngNick: Whoa.

Koða: And that's--

Këza: Koða! Are you messing with the mortals again?

Koða: Uhh...

Këza: You have to come and get ready now. The party's in an hour.

Koða: Yes, sister.

Misa.pngMisa: Okay, that was odd. Now who were they?

Nick.pngNick: The first one is Koða, the god of destruction and creation.

Nikki.pngNikki: And the second was Këza, the goddess of death and rebirth.

Misa.pngMisa: Okay, that's the first time gods ever showed up around here, what made that happen?

Nick.pngNick: No idea. Koða likes messing around, though.

Misa.pngMisa: Now if only he could have stayed and rebuilt everything...


Misa.pngMisa: Okay, now it's been replaced with the RHW modd.

Nikki.pngNikki: Modd? Is that that thing that's called the rural highway for some reason?

Misa.pngMisa: Real highway.

Nikki.pngNikki: What?

Misa.pngMisa: The name changed.

Nikki.pngNikki: What is this, a computer game or something?


Nick.pngNick: While the girls are arguing--

Misa.pngMisa: Taninmuc!

I'm not a girl!

Nick.pngNick: Okay...? Anyway, here's a closeup on the main interchange area.

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Paulobergonci: Interesting how the first appearance of major special effects is in the showcase part and not in the story... Thanks for the comment!

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Ha.  I was just thinking when I saw the first picture, "that's just awful!  You should replace it!"  :P


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