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Flag and such notice: Not the Berryford Update

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This is more of a notice, I am not very creative for some things... like flags, if anyone has seen Toso Arroyo (my old CJ)...



If anyone has nothing else to do soon, I was wondering if anyone would like to do the flag and/or coat of arms? Full credit and the entire Western half of the Berryford Tile (its a large one) will go to you :) I have nothing in mind except for the coat of arms saying ...

Is quisnam est patiens , est laurifer

Thats our motto, I believe it means: To the patient, goes the victory... (I used some translator and I forget what I said now :P)

If you want to do the C.O.A. thats the only request, for the flag, i'd like to see what you come up with. If I get a few then i'll open up a vote

And another random note, the reason that i want to name stuff after people is because I had originally planned a CJ back in early 09 (2 comps ago) in which I would recognize dignitaries and such by having roads and such named after  them. It never even started up :D

We are in upwards of 250 views already and I thank everyone for their support,


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Hehe! I used google to create my own flag. It came out pretty good. I liked it. lol Im not much of a flag maker but consider saying the things you want on your flag and coat of arms and, someone with more creativity might be able to help you create the flag that you always dreamed of. Good luck.

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hmmmm, I had a dream last night of a flag, kinda a c.o.a. too so that might be a good idea , I think i'll do that. :)

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