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A new island is discovered!

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Captain Richard 'Dick' Rutherford and his fleet were travelling from London to complete fur trades with the Powhatans in the year 1709. Departing from the Colony of Virginia, a storm swept him south and Cabin Boy Taylor Roberts found land over the horizon.

This is what they saw:


Taylor: Land! LANDD! I see LAAANNNDD.
Other sailors: Really?
Taylor: Yes!

The other sailors rushed to see the magnificent land populated with what seemed to be Powhatans.
One of the sailors, Able Seaman George McHanahhan woke up the sleeping captain.

George: Captain! Captain!
Captain Richard: ZzzzzZzzzzzz...... uoohhhhhh
George: Wake up Captain! We found land!
Captain Richard: WHATT? You Found Land? Are you joking?
George: Look outside and have a look.
For Captain Richard it was a funny sight.
Without thinking much, he ordered that the seamen sail the boat back with the aid of native Powhatans led by John Smith, a man who had
kind relationships with the Powhatan, while he, a translator, his wife Sherry, George and Taylor stopped at Snapper Isle. The survey proved suitable and they travelled by land back to Virginia.

Not so long, seasonal Norwegian fishermen came to unload their fish and dry them into stockfish. They had no idea that it was English land now.


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