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Personal Intro:

Hello, my name is Evan and this is not my first CJ...i have been playing SC4 since it came out in '03. I have lost many game disks and many computers with wonderful citys i never got to put up here but i recently got a new computer and a new copy of the game so this, started on my vacation this week (july30-aug4, 2010) will be my biggest and best CJ and just plain SC4 city(s) ever! all the problems i have had in the past  have hindered my play and activity on simtropolis but i plan on being on here regularly. Pleas eexcuse my grammer and spelling problems which i sometimes have its just how i type. Also be for warded this is HUGE! and may require me to split it into diffrent CJ's eventually but they will all be linked into this one one way or another.

Anyways here it goes!

Welcome to Gallaiosio! a huge Country on a self planned river area.

just a few details:


99 Large Tiles

9X11 Large Tile Map

641.29sq Miles total

All of the tiles are hand mapped

its taken a total of 4 hours so far to design and build


4 "major" lakes

6 "major" Rivers

1 "major" Island

2 mountian peaks

"corners peak"


1 volcanic region


4 Major cities





7 Major "Burbs"








2 "vacation" towns



6 Farm Comunities







i do most all my stuff in a "Grid" style layout just so everyone knows. but i do plan to break this habbit and make at least 5 or 6 places in here a "non-Grid" style layout.

I do use some cheats and here they are:

a 2X(?) industry multiplyer

a legalizing gambling mod that makes the income from legalizing it $50,000

a legalizing pot mod (income varies and on small towns is negitive)

of course NAM really isnt a cheat but ill list it anyways

a mod that makes landmarks provide jobs.

Anyways im off! and ill post some pictures here in a minute!

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