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The City of Antioch

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The City of Antioch

Welcome back. In contrast to the last update of close-ups, most of today's shots are zoomed out, showing different areas of Antioch. 

Let's get right into the pictures...

The pictures shown here can be viewed in full resolution by simply opening the picture's address in a new browser window.

Here is a night shot of the A-train administrative building. The station is quiet past 7 PM as the last train arrives around 6:35, daily. A+, Antioch's elevated rail however, operates 24/7 and has passengers at all hours.


Another night shot---this time of Chora Steel Stadium. Named due to its sponsorship, visitors can take a tour through the history of Chora Steel and the teams that call the stadium, "home." The stadium is conveniently located next to the A-train main station, and across the Avenue from one of downtown's A+ stations.


Here is a shot of the downtown core:


More past 9:


Some beautiful colors can be seen from the A+ train:


And as usual, a zoomed out shot:


The northwest corner of the city:


And finally, a shot of South Antioch. This is where you can to join in and help me re-develop this area. The seaport is located in the south side of the city but overall, it serves mainly as a suburb. The city is continuing to grow and is looking south to develop up. What do you think should happen in the re-development of the south side? Take a look and let me know what you would do!


As always, thanks for stopping by Chora. Your feedback, comments, and ratings are appreciated!

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Very nicely built city!  For South Antioch, I would think that the empty space between the avenue and the road would get filled in with development.  As for redevelopment, commercial should pop up on the main roads, and then residential apartments should fill in the area with grid streets.

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Wow-you all are fast with the comments!

I'm hoping to post up the transit network for Antioch either today or tomorrow with some more on South Antioch. Residents are already being put into temporary housing northwest of Antioch. Stayed on on that...

BANDIT - The Republic Plaza is an outstanding building. The white and blue go great together and its a nice change in a downtown. Glad you liked my use of it.

siso - Thank you very much. Antioch has a low crime rate overall, if that's what you mean by peaceful. There is some activity that takes place in the industrial sector during the early hours, but its being addressed. :)

sumwonyuno - Thank you for the comment and for your suggestions! Perhaps I shall use that new BAT of yours in South Antioch. 

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Develop some commercial and OWW port areas,  fill with commercial and medium high wealth res. It would look good on that coastline near the houses.

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