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Delta Democratic Republic Country Statistics

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Not completed yet. Pictures will come soon

Country Statistics
This entry will be about the Country Statistics.

Country Name:
Conventional Long Form - Delta Democratic Republic
Conventional Short Form - DDR

Government Type: A Democratic Republic, a Constitutional Monarchy

Capital: Delta City since 1997, New Birmingham before 1997

Independence: March 17th, 1997

National Holiday: Delta Independence Day, March 17th

Suffrage: 17 years of age; universal

Head of state: Queen ELIZABETH II; represented by Governor General Sean SKINNER

Head of government: Head Minister John S. W. SMITH

Cabinet: appointed by the head minister

Political Parties: The Democratic Party, The People's Party of Delta, The Green Party, The Republican Party of Delta

DDR National Flag (since 1997). Details: The blue bars to the very side represent the ocean that Surrounds DDR; the blue also represents peace, freedom and justice; altogether the 3 colours represent the country has been through revolution; the reindeer is DDR's national animal and symbol; the clubs represent the first ships to come to Delta Island and are also the DDR's nation symbol

Delta Federation Flag (from independence to 1997). Details: The Union Jack represented Great Britain; on the right shows DF's coat of arms with its motto. (Note: The coat of arms for DDR is the same except with Delta Democratic Republic written on it)

Population: N/A yet, but around few million

Population Growth Rate: N/A yet, but approx between 0.5% - 1%

Ethnic Groups: N/A yet, but most are British Isles origin. Very diverse population though.

Languages: English (official language)(% N/A), other (% N/A).

Religions: Mostly BTR (Bob the Reindeer) or Bobism (% N/A). Others include alot of Catholic, Protestant and Non-religous (%N/A).

Airports: N/A yet

Heliports: N/A yet

Ports: N/A yet


Cities: Delta City; New Birmingham; Sevella; Dover; Itrington;

Towns: Patricksburgh; Murphyton; Rayshaw; Hammond; Portside; Barbartown; 

Villages: Greenwood; Creekville; Harborgrove; Oakmoss; Mistshore; Parkhurst; Pineshire; Fieldgate; Bay; Brightshore Estates; Cotswold

Park; Birch Ridge; Stonemill Crossing; Thornside; Belmont; Elmview;

Reserved for Demographics and country statistics

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