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Galesfe City 2: Lesirta Cabins

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Lyhoko Leaci



Nick.pngNick: We will now be headed northeast to the lakeside and mountain cabin section of Lesirta, but in order to get there, we'll have to head around one of the mountains.

Nikki.pngNikki: And by some TP'ed trees, apparently.

Nick.pngNick: They should do something about it.

Nikki.pngNikki: I hear that the TP problem got so bad they started a riot. Or maybe the rioters were the ones who TP'ed the tress. I don't remember.


Nick.pngNick: The developed area gets a bit narrow here as the hillside gets steeper.


Nikki.pngNikki: Going up...


Nick.pngNick: Then begins to spread out a bit. Hey, I can see the cabins!


Nikki.pngNikki: The main road heads back downhill as it enters the cabin area, then turns right to head off towards more development.

Nick.pngNick: The secondary roads in here are gravel, so unless you happen to have a flying car, make sure you go slowly.\

Nikki.pngNikki: Well, go slowly even if you do have a flying car, as you aren't allowed to fly within city limits. Well, this area is right on the edge of the city limits though...


Nick.pngNick: Just a little farther to the northwest is the lake, with several waterfront cabins.

Nikki.pngNikki: They probably have boat ramps in there somehwere, but the trees block the view a bit.

Nick.pngNick: The view is better from ground level, though.


Nikki.pngNikki: And an overview of the cabin area.

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