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World Super Power (Introduction with 3 pictures)

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Well, I think I am starting this CJ with a before line Introduction............

The Intro:

In the late 70's, China was becoming quiet the super power. The City Nation of Araluen, was also quiet powerful. For it's size anyways.

The county started investing greatly upon Computers, nearly half of peoples investments went to computers. Which, finally payed off in the 90's. When, computer company's become very wealthy. The Nation of Araluen started building unbelievble wealth, and soon started investing into the internet.

After 6 years, the country tripled it's wealth from investing. From nearly 5 Trillion Certs, to 17 Trillion Certs. With a increase of 5 Trillion Certs a year. The government was saving a vast majority of this money, for secret projects. So now, in 2003, with nearly 20 Trillion Certs (About 1.2 dollars per a cert). The government started it's "Super Power Project". Which, enacted unlimited resources to the country, to make the economy, and people of it the most powerful in the world. After just 1 year though, the plans were abondoned.

Now in 2009, Projects are being done througout the country to build up the city nation.

Now, lets watch as this nation transform from a meager City Nation, to a potential Super Power.

Now, a few pictures!


What a busy overpass!


Some pictures of development.. (just to show how *not* finished the city is.)


This could probably be in update 1, but figure to show it now 1.gif


This is a good picture too! In my opinion...


Just showing some traffic on the highway... Anyways, this is the last picture for this post..

Hope you liked the intro, and pictures!!


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