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Explosive details

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 "This Eagle One reporting to Executive Sam over."

Sam- Eagle One go ahead.

Eagle One- It appears we have unidentified flying object sir.

Sam- What is its status.

Eagle One- Sir on radar it doesn't appear and by my own eyes sir, it appears to be going about Mach 3. Sir it appears to stop hold on. 

Sam- I want a full sit rep soldier. 

Eagle One- THIS IS EAGLE ONE IT IS......(cut of by static)

Atlantis Command and Control(ACC)- Sir we have lost Eagle One on radar. The F/A-18E is no where to be found.... we have lost him.

Sam-Who could have done this?

ACC- Sir it appears that this object is not from this....

Sam-Yes I know. I want this to be covered up. The media is going to be all over this.

This report is not going to anybodies hands. This report is confidential and as acting supervisor for Atlantis, I want something to be done. We need a scapegoat because everybody saw that plane being shot down. I need to know our options on this. Nobody can find this out that something shot down our plane. I want all options assessed and processed. You are dismissed. 

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