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Basic information .

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Meie lipp

 Population: 1'100'000

 Languages: Estonian (official) ,Finnish, Latvian (regional)

Capital city: Ojasuudme

Demonym: Musuner (singular), Musu (plural)

Mušunia - A small Island country in the Baltic Sea. It's mainly inhabited by people who escaped from Estonia and Latvia during the Soviet occupation and some booze loving Finns, because the alcohol taxes are lot cheaper here, than in other Nordic countries. Country's flag is the flag, that Estonian politician, Kaarel Tarand proposed to be Estonian flag in 2001. It has a Nordic Cross design, so it looks more similiar to Scandinavian countries flags, rather than Baltics. Musu think of themselves as a Nordics too. Latest polls say, that 87% of Musu consider themselves as a Nordic Country. 11% consider it a fourth Baltic state and only 2% say, that Musunia belongs to Eastern  Europe. Mušunia is a very multicultural country. Biggest national groups are of course, Estonians (47%), Latvians (31%) and Finns (11%). Other notables include French (2%, mostly in Kur

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