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Araluen 2.0

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Index For Araluen 2.0

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Well, some of you may be thinking that i am releasing Araluen 2.0, but sadly.. Nope.

This is just a space holder, for the index.. I'm still going to have plenty of teasers, and other things..

But anyways, Welcome to the index page!

On the index, you will have a little overview of each update, before it comes out!!

Also, I'm trying many new things with araluen 2.0.

These things are called segments..

What Segments are... They are updates, that are all on their own, no storyline, no future, no past..

But, each segement type is related.. By this i mean, that not every segment is related, only the each segment type.. And they aren't actually related, more like they follow the same patterns, and stuff.. Kinda confusing lol..

The Segments I'm Planning on having:

1. Short Stories

2. DOT (department of transportation)

Also, each segment will get it's own post.. As not to confuse people..

If you really want to understand about segment, read more here:

A segment will be a indepent update, following a specific Segment type, wether it be a short storie update, of DOT update. No segment will be part of any story line, nor will it contribute to any story line, they are simple updates. They may be referred to in regular updates though.. (I.E That new highway is looking good (the new highway would be a DOT Segment)

Current Types of Updates:

Regular Updates: Regular updates just show off new/remade parts of town..

Story Updates: Yep, I'm bringing Tim back to Araluen!

Segment Updates: Explained Above

All updates will be random, and if you really want to know when the next one is going to be, or what it's going to be about check this post.

  Update #   /   Status   /   Release Date

Araluen Update 1  /Almost Done / N/A

Araluen Update 2  / Under Development / N/A

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