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RHW Interchange Teaser

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Ok, I'll just reply to some, well, replies.


jacqulina: Thank you.

roboo1: Thanks. Ok I will try to show some more scenic pictures.

fabsies55: Thanks. Yes I know that they are a bit repetitive. I'll explain this below.

Un1: Yes, its been a while in planning. Oh, come on, have a bit more faith in me. I know what I am doing with the repetitive buildings and will explain this below. And its not a worry, I like critics.

haljackey: Thanks. ha, well if it looks that way...      Oh, yeah, I just thought I may as well post one just to compliment the one above it in the first post. Good idea with the RHW. I think that can be an update in itself.  Well, I had to say thanks to him in someway. And again, thanks!

TimeMaster: Thanks, Im glad you liked it.

TV-VCR: Thanks. Well, yes, the theme parks are going to be a big part of this CJ.

And a special reply to the lurkers out there, thanks for viewing, next time leave a comment, I won't bite (hard...)    I know you're out there.

Ok, some of you have noted the repition of the buildings. Now, I'll have to say why this is. I started out my region and it just started to get bigger buildings. It was at this point that I realized that once this region was finnished I wouldn't really have much to give for updates. So what I thought of doing was to just take out some of the plugins and make the buildings just a little bit more repetitive. This would meen that I can have updates that show city butification. Therefore the buildings are a bit repedative. This is also why I am missing things like seawalls on the river ect.

Ok, sorry, not much of an update this time. I've just had so much going on in real life, one issue was that the WRC Rally of New Zealand rolled into town, so I just had to go to that. Also, unfortunatly for this CJ spore is coming out on friday this week, so I will have even less time to update this CJ. But fortunatly, spore is coming out on friday.

So just a teaser pic. The next update is focused on the transport systems, so...


Look, it probably should have some trees in it, but Im in a rush as it is. 

So just talk between yourselves for a while and I will get onto a real update.


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