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Bad and Good News

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Well, the CJ "Made In Linux" finish here. The reason Is when I was updating the OS (from Linux Mint 8 to Linux Mint 9) I loosed the region that I named "Prypjat" and all the plugins packet. I Try to recover the plugins, It was not too hard, but the region was too hard to do again without the "special" thing I founded when I was building Sibik, Latz (screenshots in the first entry) and Karvek, the new city.

So I want to say thanks for those who had readed the only two entries I did.

But every bad thing has another good side. I learned too much things about the behavoir of SimCity 4 in Linux. Also I readed this topic in the forum: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=96881&enterthread=y  and I founded solutions to some problems illustrated there.

So I want to say too that I have the recipe and the methods to play SimCity in Linux, If you (Simtropolis comunity) wants an entry in the Omnibus with the instructions I will be happy to do it. For now I have a daft with explicity instructions in my blog: http://alejandro24blog.blogspot.com/2010/04/simcity-4-en-linux.html

Soon I will to do another entry in my blog with more detailed instructions about the version of Wine (the emulator) and the management of the plugins with Linux, the perfomance of the game and how to exchange regions and plugins between Linux and Windows (this last it's only a theory) to play the same in both OS.

That's not the end of my journals, of course not. I have planning once named "Valles Marineris City States", that I will start soon but with the same objectives that "Made In Linux" (showing the gaming in Linux and the exchange between Linux and Windows in the same computer and in differents computers).

So very thanks.

Postscript: sorry my english, sometimes I get confused speaking it.


Experiment with SimMars 2.
Don't worry Tux, You're going to show to the world what you can do with Liberty.

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Published, all the notes are in spanish: http://alejandro24blog.blogspot.com/2010/07/simcity-4-en-linux-notas-adicionales.html

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