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Haludua 1530-1560

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Haludua 1530-1540: The Mertucia-Venetian War

         The last 2 decades were very important for the Haluduan people. Instead of telling you what happened from 1510-1530, I trust that you have already read those parts. 30.gif Now we are going into what happened after those two decades.

       As I left off, Rome had been sacked, and the two nations were panicking. They quickly built up their armies attracting the attention of one very powerful Republic, The most Serene Republic of Venice. MSRV immediately sent over ships to try to stop them. Now just how did they do that? you may ask. By taking the URM iron supply city, Kreigan Atoll. 6.gif Like the emoticon? let's move on.


PropCity21.jpgTheir first course of action was to blockade the port. The second which came a day after the first, was to take the city.

They succeeded in both actions and they immediately went to renovate Kreigan Atoll.


This is A new building. It is the barracks that Venice built to train their specialized units. It proved very useful in the URM and MSRV war. Mertucia got word that Kreigan Atoll got taken so they fought them as best as they could. But they were still no match for the Venetian Army.


URM was forced to surrender themselve to the Venetian army, and URM became part of the Venetian Republic.

Now you may be wondering, wait a minute, they lost one city, how did the whole empire became part of Venice with the lost of just one city? Well, Kreigan Atoll was the only city in the empire that supplied iron for swords and other melee and ranged weapons. They also sent all their troops into battle, and they all died. With the loss of those troops, Venice was able to attck Mertucia and New Ravenna with ease.

The next 2 decades after the war, were of worry and excitement for the Yandavaran people. First of all, they settled their first colony, San Vertucia, North of Kreigan Atoll, on it's own seperate island. It was a sign that the Island Republic of Haludua was recovering. Here is San Vertucia.


And since all people of Haludua are fans of the color red, they build their buildings with red roof tiles. 3.gif

The 2 decades were a time of anxiety because of the actions that the MSRV used toward their neighbors.

Now let's see who is psychic. PM me if you think you know what is going to happen next. the first person to guess it right gets to plan where the next colony will go, and what it will be named (it has to sound Italian). If you guess it wrong...it basically means you are not psychic 34.gif.

Now what I mean by happening next, is that I mean from 1560-1600. So get your 6th sense working and let me know what it tells you.

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Can't believe it is mediocre, it is a good CJ
You might wanna add some trees.
Nice job i'll rate a 5 to get the mark up

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