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Commuting... once again

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sepen20: Thanks for your comment! I didn't intended to give a humouristic sense to that sentence you quote...

k50dude: Thanks for commenting, my friend! Well, more or less the same that I told to sepen20 and glad you liked the first pic, I spent a lot of time with it...

packersfan: Thank you for your comment! Ugly? Yes. Realistic? Maybe. Beautiful? Noooo!

Plane-crash12000: Thanks for commenting! The same I told to k50dude; I put a great effort on it.

DCMetro34: Thank you for commenting! Ships, planes (on next updates), trains, trams, cars... You can see everything here!

dghh70: Thanks for that poetic comment, very nice! I would like to do more frequent updates, but as I said many entries ago, if I showed a lot of stuff, I would run out of this stuff very quickly. I prefer showing it on small doses and keeping this CJ alive...

CHR: Thanks for commenting! It's surprising how colours react when you play with contrast/saturation...



Blackwater's commuters can reach their jobs by different ways of transport. The Metro system takes them to Capitol City downtown in fifteen minutes by only 1.20 € + the usual wallet theft.


The panorama through the UrbanRail train windows can be quite inspiring...


And the third way of commuting is by car or bus. Blackwater is crossed by a couple of highways, and commuters take them to go to their jobs despite the daily traffic jams on the interchange and the poor maintenance the buses have.

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Best entry yet, man! I love those diagonal-ish blocks and the apartments divided by the metro with the power lines in the foreground of the first picture, the second picture looks totally awful (a good thing in this journal ) and the third looks really "good" too. Nice work, this city looks promising in a sad way! 

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This is one of my favourite CJs, so much so that I actually rated it. You got an extra star for having the LHD version of the game ;)

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@thefunktopus: In fact, I play RHD, but in the case of the third pic, I inverted it to give a perspective we can never see in-game; which makes the cars and all the highway stuff show reversed.

As usual, other personal replies coming with the next update!

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 Blackwater looks really grey, polluted and "bad". :)

Also, what is that El-Rail train? It looks nice!

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I'm not gonna lie, I love that slight bluriness...do you mind if I borrow that idea???(I'll say I got the idea from here, and I'll link to your journal XD)

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