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A Shocking Report

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The option you chose was a good one but must be under mined. We have just did a underground analysis and found something was buried under the settlement. Now this island goes down to the ocean floor which is a 1 1/2 mile depth (2.41401 km). Even though we have decided to excavate, we also got a plan to also create a small town so the workers who are excavating, can stay. Momentarily we will see a Type 5 Theremo-baric bomb being dropped on the island. It will destroy everything on the surface. Here we go put on your glasses.

pelilusportaug109127982.pngSome explosion we got there. This bomb will leave no radiation so we can fully function properly. There will a lot of debry so watch your step.


Now we must leave so the clean-up team can clean this. Now once this is cleaned up, the town will be built first before the digging begins. You are dismissed. 

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wow i wonder how long will it need to clean up the debris. I'm looking forward to see how the town will be rebuilt.

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I looked through your entire CJ and its very warming to follow .... very nice .... very nice :D

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