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Frozen War

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Inside DPA HQ
(general radioing George and Jefferson) This is the General of Seryville, I'm picking up negative imput on your signal
General of Seryville: Come look at this
Marine 3 (Lieutenant): holy (censored)
Marine 2: It appears to be a dangerous spike in the temperature! The whole place is frozen solid!
Administrator of DPA: we got multiple contacts up ahead! Many more! OH (censored)!
Major of Seryville: (breaking in) Marines!!! Get out there and fight!!! These Sons of (Censored) Are tearing my city apart!!! 
come on! Move MOVE!
(Marines Leave the building)
Kayla's house
Mom: we're getting out of here!
(thunders outside)
Dad: The skies are getting pretty ulgy out there!
Kayla: I'm scared
Mom: come on sweetie, we're going to the airport
Jake's house
Mom: Jake!!! Get in here! it's not safe out there!
Jake: I want to get out of here!
Dad: Hold on, we're almost ready we just need to (Thunder)
Mom: I never seen anything like this before...
Dad: these skies can't be natural... We gotta get out now! Get in the car!! And-(Flash Kaboom!! all knocked unconsious)
Jake: MOM!!

Back at War City (where techville and Woodland are)

George: Man it's cold out here!
Jefferson: If it weren't for these suits, we'd be dead! these termperatures aren't survivable!

George: we gotta get out of here
General of Seryville: You guys still alive?
Jefferson: Yeah, but not for long, I can't tell what's goin' on here! whole place is frozen solid! It's -100 Degrees celsius here!
General  of Seryville: Any survivors?
George: Doesn't look like there is sir.
Jefferson: We got multiple contacts up ahead!
(it's 2:14 PM right there!)
George K.: We gotta stay here and fight!
George K.: This is George, General, do you copy? General!
Jefferson: George?
George K.: GENERAL!! C- what?
Jefferson: He's DEAD!
Jefferson: My city's ruined! So is yours. This war isn't worth it.
George: If we survive, let's sign a peace treaty, but now, We gotta fight these mechanical (censored)s!

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