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Millitary Key
MIA- Missing in Action Techville:
George: ...No! no no! Help! Please!!! Someone! nooo
Jefferson: (Blasts the Robot with Missle launcher) Come on!! Follow me!
George: What the (censored) is going on?!
Jefferson: We're getting aliens everywhere, here take this suit and put it on!
George: Thanks, but I thought we were (explosion) at war
Jefferson: We are, with the Aliens! Come on move!
Through radio: this is Marine one from the DPA, what's going on out there?

Jefferson: Radioing all marines, situation is critical!
Marine 6: Marine 7 is M.I.A.! I repeat M.I.A.!!!
General of Techville: (another dollar in the swear jar)!! Another one?!
Jefferson: Hold on, my millitary will do an Airstrike

General of Techville: Why didn't you say so? send them NOW!!

Jefferson: Radioing general US army of Woodland I repeat Woodland

General of Woodland: Radioing Jefferson, what do you need?
Jefferson: Incoming!! Call in an airstrike on Techville!
General of woodland: Command recieved! Calling now hold on a sec!
Jefferson: come on! I know a safe place to go to! follow me!
George: I'm right behind you!
Planes fly in to join the battle
General: yesss!!
George: Holy (censored)!
General: plane down plane down!!!General of Seryville: (censored)!!!! They're all coming down!!!!
Jefferson: Let's go to Woodland, It's safer the--- oh (CENSORED)!!!!
Get Back!!
Jefferson: up here!!
George: yes sir!
Jefferson: look at this

George: woah, what it this?
Jefferson: I don't know, but what ever it is, these Aliens want it!
George: WATCH OUT!
Jefferson: (screams)

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wow, I haven't seen such a lot of destruction at SC4 in such a short time. This story could be for a hollywood movie xD

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Do the airstrikes include AC130s, and Harriers?

Anyway, that's alot of destruction for SC4.  I LOVE IT!

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