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Incoming Aliens!

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George K.: Hello?!
Marine 2: Major, you have to stop fighting!
George K. No! My millitary's invading Jefferson's stupid city tomorrow!
Marine 2: you don't understand! There is an alien Invasion coming in thirt-
George: (interrupts) Aliens?! I'm hanging up!
Marine 3: (yelling) If you hang up, I'll drop a 20 megaton bomb to your city!
George:  Fine!
DPA Administrator: Look, we have a full scale alien invasion coming to Earth in 24 hours. The whole World is at risk!
If you could stop fighting and unite with Jefferson to fight the Aliens-
George: Stop? stop fighting with that [censored]?
Marine 3: okay this is pathetic, (Screaming) IF you Don't sign a peace treaty with Jefferson in 6 Hours, I will Launch the 20 Megaton
bomb to your CITY!
George: NO! And it was Jefferson who started this [censored]
Marine 2: 6 HOURS! And FYI, The aliens were the ones who launched the MISSLE! not WOODLAND you [Censored]! (Turns off talkie)
Marine 4: We gotta get this city prepped. We need the best forces this city has to fight them off. those aliens are coming to these
cities first!
Marine 1: how about the civillian population?
Marine 3: Evacuate them! All of them!
Marine 2: How are we going to  evacuate 100,000 people in 24 HOURS?!
Marine 1: By doing it now! Sound the alarm now!
Marine 2: fine!

Jake: I love it here, but I'm sure gonna miss my old house.
dad: Your old house has been destroyed
Jake: ohh
(TV in background:
Anchorwoman: ...And our town Seryville is at stake.
Anchorman: Could anyone believe it? I never knew that aliens exist!
Anchorwoman: I know right? In the mean time...continues in background)
Mom(calls over) Hey look at this
Dad: (comes over to TV) What-
Anchorwoman: ...A major evacuation of Seryville is effective now! You must pack your bags and leave this city
We're going off air in 12 hours for--(Power goes out)
Dad: What in the...
Jake: Dad!
and goes back on


Marine 1: look at this!
Major Tremland: Looks like the entities are interfering with our power grid
Marine 2: this isn't good at all...
George K.: HEY! What are these (explosions) Sons of [bad word]?!
Marine 1: What's going on?
George: There's a whole bunch of robots tearing up my city!
Marine 1: can you hear me? (static) I..(static)
Major Tremland: (bleep) it!! what the (censored)'s goin' on out there? are the aliens here already?


George: Back! Back you rusty pile of metals! (robot gets closer) Back! No! no no!! HELP! PL...



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