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Uptown Iconium

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I had some unreleased pictures of uptown Iconium that I thought I would show before posting up Antioch next week. If you've been following this CJ, you know that Iconium was once a suburb north of Antioch. If you want to know more about these two cities, rewind through the CJ. :) On to some pictures...

Here is a shot of Iconium Central Hospital. In addition to the hospital, Iconium Health Network also manages several small clinics throughout the city.


Here are some tram stations (red line) near Elijah Memorial Ballpark. Lots of folks in the southern parts of the city take the tram to watch the games. While not the first mayor of Iconium, Elijah Jackson was the mayor who was instrumental in establishing One Truth Bible College in Iconium.


Opposite of the tram, the other side of the ballpark is where Iconium's Northern Station can be found. The station received a very contemporary update in the late 90s.


A shot of uptown at night:


Of course Iconium has its fair share of issues. Here some guys who in trying to run the tram crossing, got stuck. Anyone who's been stopped in the city knows that when the red and blue are flashing behind you, its embarrassing. That's these clowns in about 2 minutes when the locals show up:


Not all of Iconium is city-life, however. These farms live close to the city limits:


Hope you enjoyed the shots. Your feedback, comments, and ratings are appreciated.

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Maraus - Its coming. I'm glad you've enjoyed the CJ so far.

froelich131 - Yeah its nice & modern. :)

yukkertt - I got it right here on ST. Go to the STEX and type in GLR. There's all kinds of GLR stations on the STEX.

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More specifically they are (in appearance order) shmails stations and scs's station
Search for these names and they'll come up.

Again, nice update -night views look good but imho that heavy rail station looks unrealistic -not enough platforms.

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Thanks thefunktopus - I didn't know the stations off the top of my head. :) Also, Iconium's northern rail line doesn't have as much traffic as the southern line near One Truth Bible College. I thought a small station fit the city and the volume nicely. Nonetheless, I appreciate the feedback!

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Where I live, people are ALWAYS trying to run the light rail crossings and are ALWAYS getting killed. I hope the tram stops before it hits that car!

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