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Update 4.

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Well, I already made update 4 before starting the new araluen, so here it is...

I thought very carefully about this, since it was the biggest task ever given to me.


I had to make some kind of T-interchange, but which one would be most appealing, and cost effective.

Option 1.

(please note these are all designs of what they would look like in the area they aren't actually built)


Option 2


Option 3.


I very much like option one, but it is nearly double the cost and building time, than the others.

Option 2, is just to big for me...

So, option 3.. is the one i choose, small compact, and cheap. Easy.

First we have to bulldoze the existing road and on/off ramps..


Then build the bridge...


Then select the place for the interechange...


Then, build the interchange..


And, done! It cost a total of 70,000 Certs, and 3 weeks to build the interchange, and 7 months to build the bridge.


Now onto the task of connection the new highway stretch to the old.. (the old is that stub of a highway on the left)


But, that'll be someone elses project.. So, bye for now 9.gif

That was the last update for chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be released sometime around, uh.. august..

It will almost be a lot sooner if someone helped me with writing the storyline.. Maybe with new characters? I don't know, if anyone is interested just PM me, or leave a comment...


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