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One week before launch

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It's one week before launch, and security has tightened, all the nations leaders are coming to see the launch, so security is above

normal levels, which normal levels are HIGH. But for now, even with security increases, life continues, even if people are working


Originaly the town was run by the space angency, but soon the town out grew it and elected a town council. The town council has

done wonderful work of beatifying the city, decreasing traffic, and increasing education. The population has hit 30 000 and

continues to rise, and will rise in the future more and more.

Because the rails were overloaded with supplies coming in, the provincial government asked that the agency and council build a

port to releive the rails


by size, its pretty modest, but it will grow as needed.

prior to the council, anythign the people wanted had to be acheived through protest, because the agency top dogs rode helicopters

to work at were distant to the troubles the people faced. The protest managed to get the highway leading into the site widened,

and got a elavated rail and monorail system put in.

WHen the council took power they lobbied for more entances to the site then just one, after much fighting they won. The council

also established a bus network.

Traffic is this a major issue, although the existing infastructure works, for now, the council is looking to the future, they

designed a sub division that has no road acess and relies entirely on monorail and buses to get to work, and the results are positive


You be the judge

As spending byt he goverment increased, so did the number of righ scientist who weren't content abotu leavign in small 2 story houses, so a new rich neiborhood opened up


Rich tend to huddle eachother

The downtown core contains small idependent businesses and small offices, not much.


As you can see many of the labourers live here.

The town can expand most easily to the east (Up on the overview picture) because the gorund is flat and the highway lets transportation easy, but for now the onyl thing on peoples minds is the launch, the town is a buzz, infact the world is a buzz.

Now here's the ages of the charaters and how long a way they are from their journey to earth.

Magician / Will / Smarty : 20 years old, 1 week from launch, about a year from landing,

(Colonel) Blue (Curently a Lieutenant Colonel): 25 years old, about 1 year to launch and 2 years to land

Schulman: 15 years old, 5 years to launch, 6 years to land

Remeber if you want a charater just let me know, and i'll get you a ticket on a flight to earth.

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