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Other Major Nations

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The other nations histroyies have all  been covered by the first two, and they really arn't important enough to mention in their own update, the Newians and Canixturians will have their updates covered in the mordern history update.



Orange is the hispanix national colour, and the sheild represents the citenzens duty to protect the country form harms way.



Yellow (National colour) represent the vast grain feilds, the gray represents the moutaisn that kept the nation isloated, and the blue represents the two rivers which watered the country.

Note: After the revolution, the capitalist japinians kept the name and flag of the old monarchy.



Cyan was the colour that represnted the revolution, it is neither blu nor green, it's not even a perfect mix, it represented the individuality of the revolution and the Hammer and Sickle and star represent Communism

Occupying the southern  desertic portions of old japinia, the new nation was forced to accept that they would not control all od japinia, and they change their name to desertia, and adopted a new flag.

After the japinian wars, history wasn't defined by nations, but by alliances, the two nations that occupy the new world will have their flag in the next update.

until then, enjoy.

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