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The Creatures

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The creaturian national colour has always been purple. The flag depicts the capital region, there is a lake that flows into two river going to 2 different coasts, there also is moutains nearby

The creatures have humble origins on the shores of the great lake that linked two oceans, this space was very favroable and they soon conquered aorund the lake and down the rivers. They expanded into the taiga in the north and to the jungles in the south, but Romia was there first.

They declared war on romia when they had enough treachery and romia and the other barabarians did the same.

After wars with Romia, and later the canix, they managed to secure a coastline on the tropical sea. They sign a treaty of non agression with the canix and turned there atention east ward, they expanded until the reach a bay that seperated them from the japinians. They set up colonies in the island in the bay, but the Japininians did the same, and soon a war broke out.

the creatures learnt of the canix colony in the new world and set up there own. They also learnt of the trading between the canix and japinians.

They declared war on canixia and conquered the colony, but a revolution was taking place in creaturia, they overhtrough the governement and the colony became idependent.

The creaturians joined the capitalist side and would fight communism untilt he present day.

Now a picture of Creaturiaduring the romian wars


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Thanks joey for your comment!

Guess what, i made what i think is an awesome update, but then the website crashes! I mean I can just post the pictures again, but the writing will never be exacely the same, well, i'm going to try again now.

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