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A Mining Village

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 The company has made contact with the New York Monarchy. They have sent many supply ships and cargo ships. During our expedition on our island, we found a resource which is only located in this island. It is some type of crystallized mineral. When you liquify it, it can be used as a clean energy sources. Just 50 grams can power an automobile for up to 700 miles without stopping. This is a breakthrough in which we can use this mineral to expand our company and increase trading in the New York Monarchy. We also had a very bad incident regarding 12th platoon. Yesterday at around 9:30 am, we heard gunfire and explosions coming from the area 12th platoon was suppose to be. We sent 2nd armored command to go investigate and when they came they found a seen from hell. The APC that was suppose to guard to 30+  troops had been torn apart. All soldiers were also mutilated. We followed a trail of blood and found 4 soldiers skinned alive and were hanging from the trees above. What could have done this. We sent out a search and destroy team to locate what killed the platoon. They found nothing. What happened. The Jersey Confederation couldn't have done this because there weaponry cannot reek such havoc. No reports have been filed but this remains confidential. The village has been sprawling . A port has been made because of the minerals. Let us take a look on the town.

newmemphisoct2114127869.pngWelcome to New Memphis

newmemphisoct2914127869.pngThis is the mining area.

newmemphisoct2814127869.pngThis is the main mining transportation station.

newmemphisoct2714127869.pngWe have also found some deposits of coal.

newmemphisoct2614127869.pngThis is the part of the town developing across the river.

newmemphisoct2514127869.pngThis is the small port. It is growing and soon we are going to expand it.

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