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Behind The Scenes

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Well, since I won't be updating the CJ for over a week, I am going to have this.

This is something I am trying out. It will be a behind the story, part, where I talk about the development of the city.

So lets start.

The current city is at 220k people. Thats including North City though.

Just a fun thing for you all to know... The story is actually in chapter 2. I just haven't caught up with the Story yet. The city is very close to start updating, just a little more expansion, and growth.

Each new chapter will see the city growing in a large way. And each update will see different amounts of growth. I think in chapter 3. Yes Chapter 3. I am going to have tim develope a entire neighborhood!

But, lets not give to much away...

Lets also talk about the story.

The new charater coming into play, will be a girl named Tracie. She lives in North City.. That all i'm going to give away with that...

But, in chapter 3, she becomes much more, a part of Tim's life.

Basically it goes like this:

Chapter 1: No real story, Yet.

Chapter 2: Still not much of story, but towards the end it starts to.

Chapter 3: This is probably the most story filled chapter so far.

Chapter 4: Idk yet

Chapter 5: Idk yet

Chapter 6-8. By chapter 6, 7, or 8 Tim and Tracie will know each other pretty well.......

I think chapter 8 is the last chapter in this story. But that won't mean the end of Araluen. I'm sure I could start another story.

Anyways, I seriosly hope you guys like how this will turn out 48.gif


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