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Highway 94/33 Interchange

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Now onto the interchange and improvements to Highway 94:

Highway 94 with the new ramps just west of the new interchange. The closed road there with the bulldozers is 15th Street, the former alignment of Highway 33 (looking west). As you can see, it's been closed and can no longer access the highway. The north segment will be demolished completely, whereas the southern portion will simply dead-end.


Richland Lane at Highway 33, looking west toward the Highway 94 onramp. The dirt there on the corner is the site of one of only two "structural casualties" of the realignment project. As you can also see, work is beginning on widening Richland at this intersection.


This is at the east side of the interchange. (looking west)

As you can see, the south half of it (to/from Eastbound 94) is a diamond, while the north part (to/from Westbound 94) is a parclo that connects onto Richland Lane.


Landscaping done on Highway 94 between the interchange and the bridge (looking west). The areas just to either side of the highway are now residential developments, so soundwalls were constructed.


And this one just for Daniel (SA) . . . TDOT fixed the bridge approaches. (looking north)


You'll also notice a walkway there--it will eventually cross the highway here. (Note to self: make Elevated Ped Walkway-over-RHW-4 puzzle pieces.)

I'll be back with more stuff from around Los Endos next time. There's plenty more construction to come. wink.gif

-Alex (Tarkus)

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