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Los Endos, Highway 33 Realignment

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Highway 33 Realignment, Indus Way to Richland Lane, Los Endos

This project will realign Highway 33 in the City of Los Endos between Indus Way and Richland Lane on a perfectly straight alignment, eliminating many sharp corners. In addition, the junction of Highway 33 with the Desert Lakes Highway, Highway 94, will be upgraded from an at-grade intersection to a grade-separated diamond/parclo hybrid interchange.

When finished, Highway 33 will be routed down a newly constructed extension of East 18th Street, with five travel lanes. Essex Drive, part of the existing Highway 33 alignment, will be extended to meet with the new 18th Street alignment at a four-way intersection, meeting up with Waverly Drive.

Map of Los Endos before the realignment


Los Endos Boulevard at the future 18th Street intersection (looking west)


The south end of the project, the intersection of 18th, University and Indus. (looking west)


The north end of the project, where 33 becomes the Crater Highway, near Richland Lane. (looking west)


The start of work on the Essex Drive extension at 15th Street (looking west). TDOT and Los Endos value the idea of having walkways throughout the city, so a new trail is being built just west of the new 18th Street extension. In order to improve pedestrian safety and minimize any traffic congestion caused by having an at-grade pedestrian crosswalk, pedestrian bridges are being built over important routes, like Essex, Milvedo Drive and Los Endos Boulevard. (looking west)


Waverly Drive at the site of the Essex extension and future new intersection. This segment of Waverly will be renamed Essex Drive, to aid in emergency response. (looking west)


The north portion of 18th Street has been built and connected into Crater Highway at Richland, and a new overpass has been built over Highway 94. The old alignment is still in use, however, to allow for access between Highways 33 and 94 while the new interchange is being built. (both looking west)



The new ramps to and from the new alignment are built, and connect into the Richland Lane intersection. We'll be looking at more of the interchange and improvements to Highway 94 next time. (looking west)


The new 18th/Los Endos intersection (looking west)


The extended Essex Drive and new 18th/Essex intersection (looking west)


A section of 18th south of Los Endos Boulevard (looking west)


And finally, a map showing the new alignment.


I'll be back with more pics of the 94/33 interchange next time. Much more construction to come . . .

-Alex (Tarkus)

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