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Stanton Colonization Corportation

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This is the only company that is allowed to support and help colonize regions by themselves. The rest the Federation controls. In the beginning, when this nation was formed, since there was a lot of land to conquer and the Federation could only do so much. They went to the city of Pandora in the ruins of Boston. There leaders back then had a lot of money but couldn't get a sustaining population to nourish there nation. So what happened is that the Federation said to join them and become a private company that would help expansion of the Federation. They accepted the negotiations but with one condition, they have to have a strong and update private military. This was hesitant at first, but we needed them badly so we also accepted. They have allowed the colonization of the ruins of Toronto and Richmond (which were all destroyed). After the second apocalypse, the company needed to show that they are needed. So there new objective is to colonize the upper part of Minnesota to get a western economy to build up. They have sent 5 armed naval vessels, 35 container vessels which contains a population of 3,000 people. Small update in a sense. Oh yeah by the way, the company is also sending a military envoy to Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. They are also hiring. They give good pay.


This is there flag.

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