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The war back home

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Back in Incandia, things are much different about the war. Public opinions are split for support of the war. The opposers of the war say that it is merely the Incandian government sucking up to big buisness and completley disregarding the people. Some supporters of the war say that the government has every right to protect its buisness in foreign lands, where as others say that the war has nothing to do with Incandian Petroleum and that it is only a response to Babrican military aggresion in the Cherryl Islands. In the capital of New Dearsville protests are common both against and for the war. Outside of New Dearsville people have different opinons also. In the mostly conservative town of Port Town support for the war is high, where in the liberal and some what kind of a hippie town of South Island City, support for the war is extremely low.

Also, government propoganda is a common sight, like the one shown below.


In Fort Damsey, tanks patrol the streets in case any Babrican forces decide to attack, despite the fort being located thousands of miles away from the war zone.


And protesters line the busy streets of New Dearsville.


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