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Rebirth: Season 2

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 This nation once again, is back on the ground struggling to survive. Some of the survivors from the New York City area, have migrated to the northern Niagara plain (Made after the 2032 pole shift). This region was meant to be an economic center for the Northern Canadian and Michigan areas. The Assembly tried making an interstate rail network to connect to New Eden. This would bolster this nation's wealth and influence on the Northeast. The survivors have named this region, Acadia. This area is relatively flat. This area also supports farming with its fertility. The ash, thankfully, has moved south by the jet stream. We are still getting some type of ash falling on us, but it is safe. Some survivors from the Assembly think that in order for this country to get back on its fee, it must become a constitutional monarchy. People are actually supporting this idea. The New York Federation Military has also been supporting this so there will be no military takeover. We have rallied are military forces thankfully. Our military was hurt by the wave,but has manage to keep itself alive. Residents from all over the Northeast are moving toward where Acadia is. So our population is still pretty large. Now let us look at some pictures of the growing settlement.

newedenslandingjan33012.pngThis shows the entire area so far. It is still growing ,but the rich factor still remains the same depending on which family you live in.

newedenslandingjan93012.pngThis is a picture of Trinity Island. Mostly medium wealth citizens live here.

newedenslandingjan10301.pngA small developing neighborhood. 

newedenslandingjan15301.pngThis is the Cross-Island Bridge which connects the main island to a secondary island.

Thats all for now my fellow survivors. You are right now experiencing history in the making . Welcome to the "Rebirth".

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