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Introduction and History - Sydney

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Take Note: This CJ has nothing to do with any real-life geographical events, land, and/or country. And all ideas, names and events are from my own choosing, if you have any problems, please PM me or leave a comment.



In 1917, Blake Ceda and his crew of six, we're traveling from Bencoolen to Zanzibar Island, they departed at 11th of July, and on the 14th of July, they reached a large island, they dropped the anchor and went to shore. As they got closer to the island, they diddnt see any ports, boats or houses. Just thick forests of Redwood pines (a very expensive wood in the Eastern world.) They decided to head back

, and tell the people of Bencoolen of their discovery. One month later, Blake Ceda and his crew departed again, but with three other ships, and arrived at the island four days later. They setup camp and the next day started to chop down some of the pines. A few weeks later, they voted to start building houses and utilies with this wood and this is where it started. Months went on and houses were built, aswell as other small buildings and roads. The people of this island voted for a name, they went through heaps of them, untill they voted on Sydney, the name of Blake Ceda's ship. One of the ships went back to the 'homeland' and give them the good news. After months of not hearing from that ship, they finally returned with documents and other plans on companys wanting to come over and make profits. With that, an image of the flag, details on planning development for the land and a certificate stating that Ceda is apart of the 'homelands'.


Map of the Eastern World


Flag of Sydney

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