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The Big Wave

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 All of survivors and citizens of the Tri-State Area....... Something has happened. Everyone must leave all areas south of Oakdale. New York Federation's military will guide you north where there will be save haven. What has happened is not that Yellowstone has erupted, a unstable volcano on the western flank on Africa has just erupted. The 10mile island has become so unstable that half of the island has fallen into the ocean. There is 5mile tsunami heading toward the East Coast of North America. The metropolitan tri-state area of New York City will recieve a wave roughly 1-mile  high. Anyone south of Oakdale will be swept away. The military is building artificial land barries so the water doesn't penetrate all through. Please do not ask any questions proceed immediatly north. Bring only 1baggage of items. Thank You!

newyork2050v01127810901.pngRed=Main Flooding areas

Yellow=Minor Flooding areas

Black=Land Barrier

White=Areas which will be most effected

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