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Journey starts

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Thanks for all the comments!

Border meeting

thanks for coming all to the border, all of you here got the job, as a team of foreign advisors, wich many people couldn't

you'll travel trough this country and help some local governments


We'll travel by bus and meet many Mayors and provincial governors, wich need some advice from you all, the proffesionals

-map op Evendin, i'm sorry but it's an old one-


well, I guess this was it for know.

You've got some general information before, I heard, so we can leave!

we drive uphill on the just finished road



at the end there's an onramp to the higway A1



the organisator wants o tell something about his "Great" country and starts to tell something about  the Highways

"The A1, were we're currently driving on is the first and only Hihgway in this country, it runs from Streggelen, were we're now to the community Verdeijpont.

In evendin we don't pay any roadtaxes, but we've a higway vignet, wich you can buy at the border."

amnd from the one at the other moment about something else:

"with our vehicle registration plates you can see where the car's from, the first letter referes to the province where te car's from




Vehicle Registration Plate of our Bus (from Udewen)



provinicial map, again sorry, it's an oldie(clic for bigger)


and the highway goes on and on....

next time first stop and first city, Ertuman

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Nice update!

Although, I see you are dealing with some hilly terrain there. I recommend using a slope mod. It will make elevation changes smoother when building roads/rails on them.

Again, just a suggestion.

Keep up the good work!


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