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New York - 1974

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NEW YORK - 1974

New York City has an impressive history spanning almost 400 years. We're going to be taking a trip back in time to 1974 and see what the most popular sections of New York City were like. I hope you like the update!


World Trade Center towering over the Hudson River, the Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the island.


Madison Square Garden, located near the Empire State Building, held many memorable concerts in the 1970's.


Rockefeller Center with newly completed additional towers on the Avenue of the Americas.


Downtown Manhattan is a cluster of skyscrapers, so dense in some parts you can barely see the street from above!


The Woolworth Building with late-night checker cabs heading Downtown via Broadway.


The Metlife Building by Grand Central Station used to be the Pan Am for many years before the company failed.


The Statue of Liberty standing proud on Liberty Island.

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 Cool!!! I have a question though, how did you build your cities so fast? I mean the previous update was June 26, which means you finished this NewYork in 6 days! It would take me weeks!

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Impressive work. May I request a German city? (Pregerably Munich..) You doing quite well in recreating citys! I can't wait for more. 5/5

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i have also the WTC  but in night it dont make light... and the yours makes light...  whats the problem... i have enough energy

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Looks very nice, Daniel!   Interesting to see that we've headed into a bit of a time warp.


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Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, should I keep doing historical recreations? They're pretty fun.

This city was done quickly because I've had this city tile done for a while now and just had to make a few changes with new buildings, I don't build entire cities, just mini sections of them for the updates.

To make your buildings light up at night you need the Bat updates from the simcity 4 site, you can get them all at sc4devotion.com/maxis

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Sorry, your pictures took my attention away from the comments.  I thought you probably did little bits, whole cities would take to long.

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I just came back from NYC; it all looks so perfect! Just curious, what building is the glassy one in front of the MSG? Do you have a link?

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