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Quite a history...

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1307 the name Evendin is mentioned for the fist time, it is a county in

northern Germany, the count is Joachim I.

1501 Count Jan II gives orders to build a castle near sea.

1547 Jans' castle is finished, the people called it "Ens".

1600-1750 the golden age, Evendin trades with the Hanze and the republic of seven united Netherlands.

1816 Napoleons army is demolished at Waterloo, Evendin gets independence.

1821 The former count Kalle II becomes the fist king of Evendin, het makes a modern and efficient country out of it.

1902 the city of Udewen was founded, wich is the capital now.

1940 Hitler ads the kingdom at its own thirth empir

1945 Evendin gest independence again

2010 Evendin is a country with a high wealth, education and health level

Ens now


I hope you enjoyed it!

next time let the journey begin!

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