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Downtown Argentum At Night+Mosaic

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I thought I'd change things up a little and show what downtown Argentum looks like, and show the first night shots I've ever shown in here, using Gizmo's fantastic new Day/Night mod. It's a rather unusual downtown (and indeed, the entire town layout is unusual), in that it's mostly low-rise, but there are a few buildings that are much taller, creating a sort of "monolith" effect. (For you CAM enthusiasts out there, there's two Stage 11 CAMeLots in there--in a city tile of 45,000.)

I'll begin by showing a mosaic. As you can see, there's some construction going on downtown as well. The old Highway 61 alignment is visible at the top of the mosaic, and the ramps to it are all closed, seen as how it's slated to be demolished shortly.




Here's a view from further out.


Here's the city at sunrise, from a different angle (looking east instead of south, as in the mosaic and the last pic). Also note the impact crater there--it's a sort of landmark in the city.


And a random pic from the north end of Argentum, at night in the more suburban area.


I'll be back to update on Highway 61's progress next time.

-Alex (Tarkus)

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