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Sapient Race

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Earth Satalite photo # 3345 Possible location for first colony

This is a continuation of a CJ that is in the old section, the picture above is the terrain the first city will be on. All important insential information is below.

Along with the sapients a race of dragons live on their home planet.
All of the nations are aligned except Newia, which refuses to communicate with the rest of the planet.
The Sapients are one tenth the size of humans, therefore, everything they build will be a tenth the size of what humans need, and the terrain looks 10 times bigger then it actualy is. 

In my absence I've found a nice theme for the story, the battle to reduce corporate pressure on the government,

I will continue this after, until then, suspense, Muhahahahahaha...

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 Nice region and intro. That was a very interesting fact about being 1/10 our size. So would my guy be about 6.8inches? (im 5'8")


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Thanks for the replies everyone,

Guibanez : Thank you, the region is hand teraformed so it taking awhile to make, but i have soem cities from the home planet that i can use for updates.

DrumMaster4 : Thanks, and because of the 1/10 thing a small island in the pudget sound or the strait between Vancouver and Vancouver Island can be a large island with many different terrains, like I made my region.

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