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 I must report that Yellowstone has became for unstable. It is erupting more and more lava for its magma chamber underground. The captured GPS satellite shows a massive sinking of the ground. This means the lava is ready to erupt as it has no where to move. The inhabitants in that region will have no chance of survival in that area if the volcano explodes. The New York Federation Geo-Eye team has already stated estimates that if the volcano erupted, the entire West Coast of the United States will be crippled and depending on the winds, the ash might land right on top of us. It also told that this ash won't just affect North America, it will affect every single conntinnent on the planet. That means when ash gets absorbed into the atmosphere, it will block the Sun and a new ice age will occur. We are predicting another mass extinction on the planet. We have a small chance of survival. Sky Farms will help us sustain food but what about the ash thats falling like snow. Lots of people will die. The Assembly is looking for some type of bunker where we can save at least some people from the ash. This nation might be destroyed in its infancy. Now lets look at some graphs put togather by Geo-Eye:


This is a picture on the Yellowstone magma chamber. 


According to older volcanos and Yellowstone itself say that the West will not be spared. A graph on the Northeast has still not be made. Only predictions have been made. It all depends on how much ash we get. That all depends on the jet stream. We could get a major ash fall or a minor ash fall. We need help.

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