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Argentum Proposed Highway Plan

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Hi everyone-

Back again. Just wanted to show you the proposed plan for Argentum's highways, on which you'll be able to see some of the future projects in the works.

Here's the immediate area around Argentum where most of the highways are. (Don't worry, those black spots in the thumbnail pic are actually white when you open it up.)


And here's the (rather rough) proposed plan. Many of the details involving the interchange designs and any needed realignment of surface streets aren't on here yet, but this should give you an idea.


As you may notice, the proposed plan, if built, will be a drastic change from the current system. Some of these changes might even seem a little odd at first. wink.gif

Here's an overview (Warning: Serious roadgeek content cheesy.gif)

-Much of the former Highway 4 freeway alignment has now been renumbered as Highway 304, which now ends as a spur, dumping onto Peninsula Avenue. The remainder of the old Highway 4 alignment beyond that point, even with significant reconstruction, would still not meet standards due to its overly circuitous nature. Highway 4 has been partially re-routed down the former Highway 204, multiplexing with Highway 61 and diverging again south of Angstrom.

-Highway 61 has been moved away from downtown Argentum. This was to allow the freeway to follow a more direct path. The upgrades to Highway 304 will provide better access to downtown than the current Highway 61. In addition, the "main drag" through Argentum, the eponymous Argentum Boulevard will be extended to serve as a major surface arterial.

-Two new highways are planned. Highway 321 will connect to the new Argentum International Airport (ARX), while Highway 161 will connect to future residential and commercial development planned for the Winger Inlet area.

(End serious roadgeek content. wink.gif)

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