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RDPM Christmas Card

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Lyhoko Leaci



Nick.jpgNick: If you can't read Zukish, it says "Merry Christmas from the RDPM."

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: RDPM be Myon Stargate Command if you want to know.

Nick.jpgNick: And there's a new character, too.


Name: Wrixi Lemmis

Age: 52

Species: Lagomorph

Siblings: Dozens

Occupation: Is "vagabond" an occupation?

Profile: Lagomorphia was considered a myth by the Nekominzoku.  Recently, they started to once again explore the galaxy and several, like this character, set out on their own with their own ship.  He has an adventurous spirit and is looking to meet interesting new species.  In other ways, he's still not much different than other Lagomorphs.  He dresses crazy (by our standards).  And like all Lagomorphs, he is also extremely vulnerable to addiction (drugs, and whatnot).  They tend to avoid addictive substances, knowing this, but there could also be trouble if encountering such a substance and not knowing what it is.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: In case you haven't figured it out, that's Zelgadis's character.

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