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Myoria Region View

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Lyhoko Leaci


Tomorrow, I am going to the University of Dayton to start college, and due to this, it will be a little while until I am able to update again (The first week has all sorts of stuff, after that the schedule should calm down.) Also, I have to transfer everything onto a new computer as well, though this computer is a lot faster, so that should make things easier. (At least in the city building area.) And so for now, I have the latest region view for Myoria.


Click for full size.


This time with city names; again, click for full size.


Schulmanator: Or to bounce off of the planetary shield. 3.gif

S1acker: I used Celestia for the space backgrounds, GMAX for the ship models, and GIMP for all the effects.

zelgadis: Well, I can pretty much guarantee yours will be better than the very first space battle I made several years ago... which was made using MS paint. 3.gif

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