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Let's start the show.

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Now, let's start things off. Flint, Illinois, you've seen it, hopefully, in many of my past CJ's first as a major city, then a farm community that started to become a boomtown. Now the Third Flint, which is really just a rebuilt of the 2nd one after I pretty much messed it up, and found many many ways to improve it, is the best Flint yet!

Old Flint


The economy wasn't the best at the moment, The real estate boom had collapse, and bad Planning left the city without a clear growth plan. The new Flint, a better Flint, has it's developments bases off Clean, Green planning.


And really, you think that looks much, wait to you see the Marina >:) But that will come later, as Flint has improved even beyond this base image.


Hard to notice, but there's a lot of green there! And a central train station that actually is for a real city might I add.

Then I finally let the city grow for a view years, and for the rest of what I can only call this mini update, are mini shots of some nice areas.






Flint still has a long way to go until it's that dense, urban metropolitan area that ive Envisioned, and I'm looking forward to any feedback, good, bad, in the middle, suggestions, or even just commenting in general as I developed it :)

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i'm so glad to see Flint back, looking great as always NTQ, great way to make the best of things!

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I've seen this update on AFDES, but still, I thought I'd drop by and say that this CJ has great potential. Keep up the good work, Nick.
- simmaster

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window.onerror=function(){return true;}; Eskisehir: Thank you very much :)
danielcote: Thanks, and don't eat all of it :p
spore415: Thanks spore! Now let's get those terroist who took out your afdes center :p
haljackey: Thank you, I certainly hope this becomes popular also :D
simmaster07: Thanks simmaster, and nice to see you comment :)

Keep this feedback up! The more comments the better this becomes, since feedback always is a good helper ;)

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Wow! in the 5th pic you have Gothic, International, Art Deco and Postmodern styles all together. But for some reason it looks really cool...nice to see Flint back!

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