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Capilano Valley: Downtown

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Update time!! Moving further on in Capilano Valley, lets have a peak at downtown.


Downtown! Whoo! You can see the Milennium Square at the bottom (re-built and re-named in late 1999, obviously 2.gif ), previously known as Capilano Square. The name change was somewhat controversial among residents, many of whom prefer the old name to the new one. I'm sure you all know how people hate change. 3.gif


The DoubleTree Hotel near the top of the image was one of the first "high-rises" constructed in Capilano Valley.. back in 1987. The Valley, with its proximity to Banff, quickly became a popular destination during and after the Calgary '88 Winter Olympics, with many guests staying in Capilano Valley and driving down to Banff to watch the games.


Oh and you can see the ever attractive NAFMIS Center in this picture. Shockingly, these colors are in improvement over the previous coat of paint. 2.gif


And a peek down the side of the mountain, with the radio tower in view. No development is permitted up the slopes of the mountain, in order to preserve nature.. as such, growth in the Valley has been skirted along the riverbanks. Great for nature, but ever so frustrating for the millionares who want to buy a chunk of the scenic view from atop the hills and cliffs.

And er.. that's all for today, folks! I may have a small Christmas update tomorrow but after that who knows when I may be able to update again.. things get crazy for me at work from Boxing Day until about New Years. So until then.. so long!

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