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Capilano Valley: Closer to Downtown

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Huge thanks to porter66062 for winterizing the banners! Thanks a bunch! 9.gif

Update time! Lets take a quick peek at Capilano Valley.. I've got a bit more rebuilding done, with a new commercial area to show off!

Ah yes.. Oak Center. Lovingly named for the once majestic oak trees that lined the avenue, the trees were all killed by disease and have been cut down over the past few months. Replanting is starting to occur as well.

Further down in Oak Center, you can see a few trees already replanted. The city throwing their cash away to bring in mature trees, to bring back the classic look of the area.

The eastern edge of Oak Center. Residents still complain about traffic noise. Tough beans.


And an overview of the area.

That's all I've got, folks! Now for all of you whiners complaining about the lack of slums... er.. uh... ehm.. 22.gif

Can I take a raincheck? 3.gif

*Hides behind the curtain*

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