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The Northern Regional Special Municipality of Inukkukukuvijk

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Apologies for my late update.. Real life got in the way and after that cleared up this update took far far too long to prepare. But worry not, as I am confident every single one of you will be more than impressed with this update. In fact, I think you will be shocked. Amazed. In awe, so to speak. This update is the definition of this CJ and its creator (me, naturally). It personofies what this CJ is all about. In time, I stand my by my belief that this update will be heralded as a defining moment in the history of the CJ forum.. a time when styles shifted and a new era was born. It will be a post which all CJers look up to in awe and strive to achieve that epic level of detail and quality. Of perfection. In time, I see my post being transferred to the Omnibus and hold a lasting legacy in there for all CJers to come. But lets move forward with the update until then.

You may have noticed the new banner uptop.. obviously this update features a new area of Canada. This area is already developed as much as possible, and all updates will be covering the developed area. Worry not, though! It's an extremely large expanse and I will have no shortage of material to choose from. And so, without further ado.. I present to you: Inukkukukvijk.

This is a local burial mound. The small stones show where the bodies lay, the large rock in the center holds sacred engravings.

Here's the local tree. Exotic, hmm?

And here's an overview of the area.

And that's all for today, but I'm confident you'll find the update more than satisfactory.

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